Helping your business to analyse data, processes and systems


Services Offered 


Data, Process and System Analysis

Are you looking to improve your business processes or thinking of implementing new systems? AStarAnalaysts can provide you with an experienced analyst who can work with your business to:

  • Examine your current processes and help them develop leaner more effective processes
  • Help them understand the data they currently have and how they can make more effective use of this information
  • Advise on bottlenecks in current systems and possible improvements / benefits that could be gained from deploying changes or new systems.

Data and System Design

Having identified the business problem to be addressed, AStarAnalysts can provide you with an experienced architect who can carry out detailed design for changes to data structures and systems.

Data Migration Planning, Design and Management

Are you thinking of migrating to a new system and want advice and guidance around moving your data? AStarAnalysts can provide you with an experienced data migration manager who can help you with the planning, design and management of all activities around moving your business data to the new system whilst minimising the impact on the day to day running of your business during the transition.


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